Range Rover Velar – New Masterpiece of Off-road Vehicle Technology

08 Feb 2018
Range Rover Velar is also a luxury and comfortable car, positioned between the Range Rover Sport and the Evoque. Its manufacturer started with the design, and then uses new technology and the driving safety features of SUV to attract customers.

The sleek body of Range Rover Velar gives people the feeling of comfort, with its typical Range Rover badge showing on the hood.

Below the waistline is a four-door concealed door opener that pulls in when the car is driving and rises when the door opens, similar to the Tesla Model S design
The design of its headlights matches the one of its tail lights.

The rear seats of Velar are also very comfortable. Its big sunroof enhances the open feeling of the seats on this row.
The look-around lens of Velar makes driving on rough roads or parking much easier.

The cockpit is spacious, a typical Range Rover style. The cockpit main colour tone of the Velar tested is white, with the piano colour commonly used in recent years for colour matching, showing its style of young, stylish and concise.

There are three big screens in the cockpit, giving it the high-tech feeling normally found in other high-end electric cars.

Its head-up display makes it much easier for the driver to see the car info, enhancing its driving safety.
Its roomy carbine and flexible seating design can meet most storage requirements.
The Velar is equipped with an adjustable, air-damped system, and its body height can be adjusted according to different road conditions. When the road is wet and slippery, especially on rainy days, its four-wheel drive system is very helpful to driving safety. The luxury British style and materials used in the Velar, coupled with many people's loyalty to this brand, make this new Velar series very attractive.
Basic specifications:
Engine: V6 supercharged engine
Displacement: 2,955 cc
Maximum horsepower: 380 / 6,500 turn
Maximum torque: 450 Nm / 3,500-5000 rpm
Gearbox: 8 speed semi-automatic
Volume: 4,803 X 2,032 X 1,665 mm
Weight: 1,884 kg

Detailed specification: Click here

Price: From $70,662
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